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As a Marketer, I’m sure that you’ve heard that limiting options for customers, increases your conversions. Unfortunately, most marketers think that means giving customers one choice would convert the highest number of sales. They couldn’t be more wrong!

Giving buyers one choice will
actually decrease your sales

Offering your buyers one choice triggers a phenomenon called

“Single Option Aversion”

single option aversion:

Many of our customers have asked:

“Can’t we have multiple variations in the same niche?"




LocalSitesGo Pro

Includes 3 additional designs in each of the 150 niches included with LocalSitesGo. With localSitesGo Pro, You Could:

Unique Website Designs

and designs
Spread Across All
150 Specific Niches!

LocalSitesGo Pro

Designed Website Variations In 150 Of The Hottest Local Niches

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Is This A WordPress Theme?

Yes, LocalSitesGo Is A WordPress Theme And Plugin And Requires A WordPress Site To Install.

Do I Need To Purchase Elementor Pro For These Sites To Work?

You Do Not Have To Purchase Elementor Pro For These Sites To Work. All The Features Included Are Built On Elementor Basic And The Included Plugins. Nothing More To Buy!

Can I Resell This Theme?

You Purchased The Developers License, You Can Install It On As Many Personal Or Client Websites You Want, But You Are Not Allowed To Sell A Theme Developed With LocalSitesGo As A Stand-Alone Theme.

Can I Still Use This Even If I’m Brand New To WordPress?

Absolutely! Our Theme And The Page Builder Are Super Easy To Use And Understand, Even For A Newbie!

Where’s My Product?

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What If I Need Support?

Our Support Team Is Here To Help! If You Need Help With Anything, Just Reach Out To Us And We’ll Get Back To You ASAP. (Don’t Reach Out To Us Via Our Paypal Email Because That Email Is Not Monitored) You Can Get Support At


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*Single Option Aversion Study By DANIEL MOCHON